At MDK Appointments, our mission is to help you find a job and company you love. Now more than ever,
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Welcome To MDK Appointments

MDK Appointments is an Empowerdex Level 1 rated Recruitment Company in terms of BBBEE High level of service, integrity and professionalism is our second name.


‘Ignite your success’

Our mission statement reflects that our success is our people. Our mission is delivering excellence to individuals, businesses and communities and our core values underpin everything we do and the way we deliver our services.

Job sectors

MDK Appointments is niche specific, targeting the following areas of expertise made out of seven different niche that we specialise in:

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Engineering

MDK Appointments is not generic as most agencies in the World, we presents candidates with solid value adds that resemble a hot skill in the market and can attribute to your operational needs.

Why Use MDK Appointments

Not all recruitment companies are created equal; let us show you what makes us meet and exceed our candidates and clients expectations. What sets us apart from other recruitment agencies is that we always strive to create shared vision & mission as a principle of long term relationship with our clients to make sure that your recruitment needs and expectations of attracting a correct fit and talent are always met.
MDK Appointments: Our success is our people. Our mission is delivering excellence to candidates and clients. Our core values underpin everything we do and the way we deliver our services. We continually strive to go above and beyond to provide the highest quality services to our clients, candidates and stakeholders who work with us to change the landscape of recruitment. MDK Appointments ties specifically skilled workers with clients, saving businesses time and money. This requires a high level of skill and communication. This means knowing the local market and merge it with international standards so MDK Appointments can really serve each client and candidates. MDK Appointments is quality service because our clients and candidates come first, it is not about us but about our clients and candidates.
MDK Appointments is a permanent and a fixed term placement personnel agency working solely with skilled, professional candidates. MDK Appointments differs from placement agencies because we specialise and leave our clients with 100% assurance, guarantee and freedom that a position will be filled more timely with a better-fit talent that will attribute to operational requirements.

According to the World Bank, the economic outlook for Africa is positive, with growth rising to 5.6% in 2013. Among the fastest growing economies are those of resource rich countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and Mozambique, as well as Rwanda and Ethiopia, all of which have economies growing at more than 7% annually. This creates a wealth of recruitment opportunities for both expatriates and locals - MDK Appointments understands Africans corporate requirements, contradictory cultures and current recruitment timeliness for service in Africa business. We involve our uniquely designed online sophisticated tools to get best candidates you are looking for as business. Our tools give a great bulk to the demand of Africa's recruitment needs, giving clients to fill their positions in their organisation's more timely with a best fit talent both in Culture and Skillsets - getting a return on your investment.